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Lockfile Explorer

Rush Lockfile Explorer helps you investigate and solve version conflicts when working in a monorepo that uses the PNPM package manager. It's designed for the Rush build orchestrator, but you can also use it to analyze a standalone PNPM workspace without Rush.

Lockfile Explorer helps with problems such as:

  • Understanding why multiple versions of an NPM package are appearing in your node_modules folder
  • Tracing dependencies to determine which project caused an NPM package to be installed
  • Finding and eliminating "doppelgangers" (multiple installations of the same version of the same package)
  • Troubleshooting problems involving peer dependencies

The app is distributed as a regular NPM package. You invoke it from the shell command line, and it launches a Node.js service on http://localhost:

App Screenshot

Lockfile Explorer main window


Lockfile Explorer is part of the Rush Stack family of open source projects.